Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son made a bold statement recently, declaring his belief that artificial intelligence (AI) will surpass human intelligence in the next ten years. Speaking at a corporate conference in Tokyo, Son emphasized the far-reaching impact of AI, stating that it will revolutionize industries such as transportation, pharmaceuticals, finance, manufacturing, and logistics. Son, a prominent figure in Japan’s business world, highlighted the need for companies to embrace AI or risk being left behind. As he explained, those who work with AI will be the leaders in the coming decades.

Son’s call to action comes with a reminder of the consequences of previous technological advancements. He pointed out that Japan fell behind during the internet age due to a reluctance to embrace new technologies. To avoid a similar fate, Japanese companies must not be afraid of potential risks such as data leaks. Son believes that in order to stay ahead, companies must wake up and seize the opportunities that AI presents.

At the Hiroshima summit in May, G7 leaders agreed to promote reliable AI, recognizing its potential to shape a more convenient society. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida expressed his optimism about the potential of generative AI, while also acknowledging the need to address concerns related to disinformation, privacy, and copyright. The Japanese government aims to participate in international rule-making to ensure the responsible and reliable use of AI.

Son’s drive for progress is evident as he seeks to invest in AI-related companies, building upon his success in recognizing the potential of the internet decades ago. With SoftBank’s recent expansion of its chip subsidiary, Arm Holding Plc, on the Nasdaq, Son emphasized the pivotal role that the British unit will play in AI development. By investing in AI and embracing its potential, Son envisions a future where Japan leads the way in this rapidly evolving field.

As the world hurtles forward into the era of AI, the words of Masayoshi Son serve as a reminder of the urgency to adapt and innovate. The impact of AI will be profound and wide-ranging, transforming industries and reshaping the way we work and live. With the potential to surpass human intelligence within a decade, AI is poised to become an indispensable tool for businesses and individuals alike. The time to wake up and embrace the opportunities presented by AI is now, as the leaders of tomorrow will be those who recognize its potential and harness its power. Japan, in particular, cannot afford to fall behind once again. By investing in AI and fostering a culture of innovation, Japan can position itself as a global leader in this exciting new frontier. It is up to the youth, businesses, and the government to come together and drive the country towards a future where AI leads the way. The march of progress waits for no one, and the time to act is now. Let us seize the possibilities that AI brings and shape a future where human and artificial intelligence coexist in harmony and propel us to new heights of advancement.


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